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Hannah Robinson

I’m the ‘Connector’ of Diamond Accountants

Loves: Traveling and animals… the fluffier the better.
Hates: Loud, over the top people.
Top of your bucket list: Hire a camper and take a big road trip around America.
Obsessed by: Food!! It’s always the unhealthy stuff that seems to taste the best, typical!
Favourite app: Facebook and Instagram, it’s where a lot of my traveling inspiration comes from.
Favourite film: So many to choose from, my most recent favourites are Arrival, annihilation and The Avengers: End Game.
Favourite series to binge: Friends and Family Guy are the two series I could watch over and over again, no matter how many times I’ve seen each episode.

I came to Diamond Accounts as an apprentice, after studying the first year of accounts at college.
Having come from a medical background I’ve always taken great satisfaction from looking after my patients, by focusing on their individual needs, wants and desires. For me this is just the way I am and have carried this over in an accounting environment.
I enjoy hard work and keeping busy, I always strive for more and will continue to build my knowledge, so I can help our clients in the best way possible.
I also oversee the Social Media side at Diamond, keeping up with the latest news and trends, and staying up to date in a forever changing world!
Diamond accounts have helped me start achieving my dream, come in and let them help you achieve yours.


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