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Jit Desai

I am the man around the towns of Diamond Accounts.

Loves: Learning new things and taking on new challenges! oh and I am quite the flirt! (But don’t tell my wife, only joking)

Hates: When someone is far to engrossed in their smartphone to notice you.

Top Of your bucket list: Travel around the world and Sam and Bal to buy Me a Porsche when seeing clients.

Obsessed by: Having things in the right place and Time management

Favourite app: YouTube and My Bank App

Favourite Film: Goonies: “Hey, you guys!” and another great flick has to be Rock IV: “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life!”

I came to Diamond Accounts for a complete career change, from working in a manufacturing company to learning newer things in a well-established Accountancy firm.  With a keen eye to detail and a ability to identify and develop opportunities that come my way.  I am fun, friendly, honest and very passionate about things that I have an interest in.   I am always a key team player striving towards the oppositions goal but also l like to set my own personal goals.  End of the day Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world by setting his own goals as well as making his team succeed.

Unfortunately, ladies I am a married man with a handsome son that has my looks.  In our spare time with love visiting different restaurants and spending time as a family.


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