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Lizzie Hosker

I am the girl that gets things done in Diamond Accounts

Loves: Coffee, anything self-care related and treating myself to shopping sprees when I know I shouldn’t. I also absolutely love to travel and experience new things and explore new places.
Family and friends are very important to me above everything else and I love spending time and making special memories with them.

Hates: Loud eaters and terrible drivers send me over the edge.

Obsessed by: My cat Lola (I only have the one so I can’t be accused of being a crazy cat lady…yet.)

Favourite app: YouTube and Instagram, and of course TikTok for the mindless easy scrolling.

Favourite film: I love a wide range of films, from Disney films to horror and anything in-between.

Favourite series to binge: There’s too many to name! If its crime related or spooky, I’m watching it.

I am based at the Diamond Accounts Hailsham office, undertaking the admin work to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly. I assist with the running of our social media accounts, with my goal being to get this great company’s presence out in the local community from the view of a fresh pair of eyes.


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