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Nick Casson

I am the old skool and new skool of Diamond Accounts.

Loves: Working hard and helping people achieve their goals.
Hates: Bad and incorrect advice given by other accountants, and remembering passwords.
Top of your bucket list: Scuba diving in Iceland and Hawaii and meeting the England Rugby team.
Obsessed by: Lunch, travel and work.
Favourite app: Google Maps, Nandos and eBay.
Favourite film: Avengers Endgame and Mary Queen of Scots.
Favourite series to binge: The Expanse which is like Game of Thrones in space.

I am the senior accountant who meets and greets all clients and ensures customers receive the best support and advice they can get.  I have a young family and really enjoy spending time with them at home.  We love holidaying and learning about Lego and dinosaurs with my young son, who is an expert.  I enjoy films and theatre.


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