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Sam Patel

I am the go-getter of Diamond Accounts.

Loves: Liverpool FC and fast cars. I’ll look but won’t touch.
Hates: Stuck up people looking down on others.
Top of your bucket list: You’re meant to say something like bungee jumping, aren’t you? Yeah, I definitely want to look down from the top of a crane in terror. That’s it.
Obsessed by: The love I have for my kids and my wife. (She made me write this.) Seriously, though, that’s why we all work so hard, isn’t it?
Favourite app: YouTube and 8 Ball Pool.
Favourite film: Anything from Marvel Studios but The Avengers was a dream come true. Not that I have time to watch films – it’s taken me six months to get through Black Panther in ten-minute chunks.
Favourite series to binge: Power and Breaking Bad, though I’m very well-behaved myself.

I work hard and have fun doing it.  I’ve always been the type of person who focuses on solutions, not problems.  Bal and I have laughed, cried and stumbled on our journey but we always concentrate on finding a path through to a new direction.  I love inspiring clients, new or old, with stories that can help them and their businesses.  After a decade in the accountancy industry, I’ve become (if I do say so myself) an expert on how to save on tax and passing that on to our clients is what it’s all about. There’s a stereotype of what an accountant should act and look like. Come and meet me and the team and see how accurate you reckon that is.


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