We are chartered accountants based in Eastbourne, working with SMEs across the entire South East of England. We love working with small and medium businesses like restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores and construction firms. See how far we can go together.

We do more for clients than most accountants, because the more we can do for you, the more energy you’ll have to put into achieving your full potential.

On a journey together

If we can help our clients pay less tax, that makes us very happy.

We use cloud accounting apps to save everyone time and effort. But what really gets us excited is advising people on how they can turn one outlet into a chain, and that chain into a business empire. We’re always up for talking about your ambitions and working out strategies for achieving them, whether it’s face-to-face when we’re dropping off or picking up paperwork on your premises, or in an after-hours chat over WhatsApp.

You can’t beat face-to-face

We’re Sam and Bal, co-founders of Diamond Accounts

We follow one important rule: we always take our work seriously, but never ourselves. What matters to us is connecting with our clients as people – to have a laugh, speak our minds and stay in touch. And we can be that way because, if we do say so ourselves, the accounting expertise and industry experience we have between us is unbeatable.

We love Pharmacies, hospitality and shops

There’s something special about working with the kind of community businesses that bring towns and high streets to life. From cafes and takeaways in Eastbourne to corner-shops and convenience stores in Maidstone, Kent, we are the accountants for the job. Every day we help the owners of catering and retail outlets manage their tax bills, plan for growth and achieve the expansion they deserve.

talk to us

If you’re based in Kent, Sussex or anywhere across the South East of England, we’d love to find out about your business goals and how we can help you achieve them.