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Business Lifecycle

What can you expect?

A simple Google search will tell you what a business life cycle or product life cycle is, typically introduction – growth – maturity – decline.

Diamond’s vision for every client’s business life cycle is:

    • Startup
    • Graft
    • Reach the VAT-registration threshold
    • Graft
    • Growth
    • Graft
    • More growth
    • Graft
    • Expand
    • Graft
    • More expansion
    • Graft
    • Retire with many income streams

A business doesn’t reach its potential at the maturity stage, neither do we believe the decline stage results in the operation slowing down.

It’s about adapting to the markets and to never stop moving forward once you are in the growth stage. Even when a company director has chosen to retire, their personal income and their business should continue to grow.

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I was recommended to use Diamond Accounts by a friend and have been very pleased with all the help, advice and support. I would not hesitate to recommend them.



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