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Self Assessment Tax Services

What can you expect?

Why do the self assessment yourself if our tax services can do it for you and save you money in the process?

Such a complex field requires attention to detail and accuracy. We will not work to deadlines but deliver ahead of the deadlines, so that you can pay HMRC what you owe.

We are specialists when it comes to:

  • Claiming historic expenses
  • Utilising allowances and reliefs
  • Property taxes
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Construction industry scheme taxes
  • Carrying losses back as well as forward

It’s never too late to get in touch, neither is it too late to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

You need to file tax returns through self-assessment if:

  • You’re self-employed
  • You’re in a partnership
  • You’re receiving untaxed income or savings
  • You’re selling shares or other investments
  • You made profits from selling assets
  • There’s a need to pay capital gains tax
  • You’re company director
  • Your income is over £50,000 and you’re claiming child benefit
  • You lived or worked abroad
  • You are receiving income from abroad

We can handle the entire tax return process, no sweat.

Talk to us and let’s make a start on your Diamond journey!

I was recommended to use Diamond Accounts by a friend and have been very pleased with all the help, advice and support. I would not hesitate to recommend them.



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