Fast and easy


Easy number for quick decisions

Sometimes, you just need rough numbers to help with decision making. That’s where this set of handy calculators come in. They’re no substitute for a proper conversation with one of our advisers – it’s never simple in this game – but for a speedy readout, they’re spot on. Have a play and then give us a call when you’re ready to get really stuck into the maths.


Get an idea of the tax you’re likely to owe on a property you own or are thinking about buying, taking into account current UK tax thresholds and legislation.

ESTIMATE your vat

Tap in the price of a product or service without VAT and then click a button to add it. Or enter the price with VAT and click to take it away. It couldn’t be much simpler, really.

Want to talk instead?

We get it. At Diamond, we're talkers, too. If you've got a question about accountancy or want to explore an business idea with one of our expert advisers, call, email or message us now.