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Does your company need help with bookkeeping?

Many accountants and businesses struggle to stay up to date with their books. They advertise real-time bookkeeping yet this is not the case if it’s produced too late.

The whole point in bookkeeping is to get the information you require for your business effectively and accurately. If the bookkeeping has mistakes, the output is no longer effective.

We have a very simple view on this:

    • If you are sick you go to a doctor
    • If you need legal advice you go to a solicitor
    • If you want to build a property you go to an architect
    • If you want bookkeeping you go to Diamond Accounts

But if you still feel you cannot let go of the books and this has to be done by you, let us train you on how to do it correctly.

People think they need to be the ones processing the numbers for them to understand their business. We say we need to be at the heart of your numbers and you just need to understand them.

Why choose Diamond Accounts for your bookkeeping services?

    • We are both professional and friendly. A lot of people say that but we mean it. It’s who we are.
    • We focus on you as an individual and as a business entity. Our tailored approach of bookkeeping in the Kent and Sussex areas is second to none.
    • We know all about the latest in online accounting software – Sage, Xero, QuickBooks and more.
    • We work with a variety of different sectors, with specific industry knowledge to help your business succeed.

Which sectors do we work with? 

We provide our bookkeeping services for clients in many different sectors, including: 

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Whether you are with us for monthly or quarterly bookkeeping, we produce a tailored Digital Tax Management Report for all of our VAT-registered businesses. This will give you the real-time information you need to manage your business better. We are always happy to explain any numbers you may not understand and can adapt our reports to meet your needs.

By constantly monitoring your business behind the scenes using cloud accounting software, we are actively grafting to ensure you’re a success.

By the way, this report is free! 

Talk to us today and let’s make a start on your Diamond journey!

My previous accountant let me down many times. Diamond Accounts have been very proactive in helping me. They seem to understand my business and there bookkeeping software is amazing.



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