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Accounts Preparation

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Accuracy, quality and time is the essence of annual accounts preparation.

Time after time we see accountants producing annual accounts nine to 12 months after a client’s accounting year has finished.

This is too late!

To be tax-efficient and to keep up with the current market trends, accounts should be produced no longer than three months after an accounting year has finished. Our team will chase every client for all the information they require to give you an accurate and quality reflection on your businesses.

We understand some clients are so busy it’s hard to find that extra time to get the information ready.  So, we are willing to go that extra mile. Let us do it for you and set a schedule that works for us all.  At the end of the day, it’s your business and we will never let you fail.

Accounts preparation is where the tax planning begins, by looking at your records from the previous year and seeing the journey you have taken. Then it’s time to look at the vision for the future. This never comes without hard graft, but let’s make the journey together.

Talk to us and let’s make a start on your Diamond journey.

Since joining Diamond Accounts I have never looked back. They are always happy to assist you and give you direction in regards to your accounts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



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